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Authored Books:

Gregg D. Caruso (in progress). Unjust Deserts: Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Legal Punishment​.  


Gregg D. Caruso (2012). Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Short Books:

Gregg D. Caruso. (2017). Public Health and Safety: The Social Determinants of Health and Criminal Behavior. UK: ResearchLinks Books.


Edited Books:

Elizabeth Shaw, Derk Pereboom, and Gregg D. Caruso (eds.) (forthcoming). Free Will Skepticism in Law and Society. New York: Cambridge University Press. 


Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan (eds.) (2018). Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience. New York: Oxford University Press. 


Gregg D. Caruso (ed.) (2018). Ted Honderich on Consciousness, Determinism, and Humanity. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


Gregg D, Caruso (ed.) (2014). Science and Religion: 5 Questions. London: Automatic/VP Press. 


Gregg D. Caruso (ed.) (2013). Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility. Langham, MD: Lexington Books. 

Edited Journal Special Issues:

Focquaert, Farah, Derk Pereboom, Gregg D. Caruso, and Elizabeth Shaw. 2018. Justice Without Retribution. Neuroethics

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:                                            

Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "Free Will Skepticism and Its Implications: An Argument for Optimism," in Free Will Skepticism in Law and Society, (eds.) Elizabeth Shaw, Derk Pereboom, and Gregg D. Caruso. 


Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "The Public Health-Quarantine Model," in Oxford Handbook of Moral Responsibility, eds. Dana Nelkin and Derk Pereboom. New York: Oxford University Press. 


Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "Consciousness, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility," in The Routledge Handbook of Consciousness, ed. Rocco J. Gennaro. London: Routledge. [Longer unedited version available here.]

Earp, Brian D., Jim A.C. Everett, Thomas Nadelhoffer, Gregg D. Caruso, Azim Shariff, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (forthcoming). "Determined to Be Humble? Exploring the Relationship Between Belief in Free Will and Humility.

Gregg D. Caruso (2018). "Justice Without Retribution: An Epistemic Argument Against Retributive Criminal Publishment," Neuroethics​. 


Gregg D. Caruso (2018). "Skepticism about Moral Responsibility," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. [Web link]

Derk Pereboom & Gregg D. Caruso (2018). "Hard-Incompatibilist Existentialism: Neuroscience, Punishment, and Meaning in Life," in Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience, eds. Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Owen Flanagan & Gregg D. Caruso (2018). "Neuroexistentialism: Third-Wave Existentialism" in Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience, eds. Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan. New York: Oxford University Press.


Gregg D. Caruso (2018). "Origination, Moral Responsibility, and Life-Hopes: Ted Honderich on Determinism and Freedom" in Ted Honderich on Consciousness, Determinism, and Humanity, ed. Gregg D. Caruso. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 


Gregg D. Caruso and Stephen G. Morris (2017). "Compatibilism and Retributive Desert Moral Responsibility: On What is of Central Philosophical and Practical Importance" ​Erkenntnis. DOI 10.1007/s10670-016-9846-2. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Free Will Skepticism and the Question of Creativity: Creativity, Desert, and Self-Creation." Ergo 3 (23): 591-607. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2016). "Free Will Skepticism and Criminal Behavior: A Public Health-Quarantine Model,Southwest Philosophy Review 32 (1). [Presidential Address to the Southwestern Philosophical Society, 2016] 

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Free Will Eliminativism: Reference, Error, and Phenomenology," Philosophical Studies 172 (10): 2823-2833.

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "If consciousness is necessary for moral responsibility, then people are less responsible than we think," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (7-8): 49-60. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Precis of Neil Levy's Consciousness and Moral Responsibility," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (7-8): 7-15. 
Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Kane is Not Able: A Reply to Vicens' 'Self-Forming Actions and Conflicts of Intention'," Southwest Philosophy Review 31 (2).

Gregg D. Caruso (2014). "Precis of Derk Pereboom's Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life," Science, Religion and Culture 1 (3): 178-201. [Part of a book symposium w/Derk Pereboom, John M. Fischer, and Dana Nelkin] 

Gregg D. Caruso (2014). "(Un)just Deserts: The Dark Side of Moral Responsibility," Southwest Philosophy Review 30 (1): 27-38. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2013). “Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility,” in Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility, ed. Gregg D. Caruso, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books: 1-16.

Gregg D. Caruso (2011). “Compatibilism and the Folk Psychology of Free Will,” in An Anthology of Philosophical Studies, Vol. V, ed. Patricia Hanna, Athens, Greece: ATINER: 215-226.

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Gregg D. Caruso (2005). “Sensory States, Consciousness, and the Cartesian Assumption,” in Descartes and Cartesianism, eds. Nathan Smith and Jason Taylor, Cambridge Scholars Press: 177-199.


"A Review of Bruce Waller's Restorative Free Will," Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2016). 

A Review of David Cockburn’s An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind,” Metapsychology 6, 26 (2002).

A Review of Nicholas Humphrey’s How to Solve the Mind-Body Problem,” Philosophical Writings 18, Autumn (2001): 51-53. Reprinted in Metapsychology 5, 46 (2001).


Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Moral Responsibility and the Strike Back Emotion,Syndicate Philosophy 1 (1): February.


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"Preface" and "Introduction" in Science and Religion: 5 Questions, ed. Gregg D. Caruso, New York: Automatic Press/VIP (2014). 

Co-author (with David M. Rosenthal), “Bibliography 1971-2000,” in Materialism and the Mind-Body Problem, revised edition, ed. David M. Rosenthal, Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2000.

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