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Associate Professor of Philosophy

Authored Books:

Gregg D. Caruso (2012). Free Will and Consciousness: A Determinist Account of the Illusion of Free Will. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Gregg D. Caruso (in progress). Unjust Deserts: Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Criminal Punishment. [Sample chapter available here.]

Edited Books:

Gregg D. Caruso (ed.) (2013). Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility. Langham, MD: Lexington Books. 

Gregg D, Caruso (ed.) (2014). Science and Religion: 5 Questions. London: Automatic/VP Press. 

Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan (eds.) (2017). Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Gregg D. Caruso (ed.) (Forthcoming). Ted Honderich on Consciousness, Determinism, and Humanity. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Gregg D. Caruso (ed.) (In Progress). Handbook on Philosophy and Public Policy.New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:                                            

Gregg D. Caruso (in progress). "Skepticism about Moral Responsibility," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 

Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "Consciousness, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility," in The Routledge Handbook of Consciousness, ed. Rocco J. Gennaro. London: Routledge. 

Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "Origination, Moral Responsibility, and Life-Hopes: Ted Honderich on Determinism and Freedom" in Ted Honderich on Consciousness, Determinism, and Humanity, ed. Gregg D. Caruso. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Gregg D. Caruso (forthcoming). "Free Will Skepticism and Its Implications: An Argument for Optimism," in Free Will Skepticism in Law and Society, (eds.) Elizabeth Shaw and Derk Pereboom. 

Derk Pereboom & Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Hard-Incompatibilist Existentialism: Neuroscience, Punishment, and Meaning in Life," in Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience, eds. Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan. New York: Oxford University Press. 

Owen Flanagan & Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Neuroexistentialism: Third-Wave Existentialism" in Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience, eds. Gregg D. Caruso and Owen Flanagan. New York: Oxford University Press.

Gregg D. Caruso and Stephen G. Morris (2017). "Compatibilism and Retributive Desert Moral Responsibility: On What is of Central Philosophical and Practical Importance" ​Erkenntnis. DOI 10.1007/s10670-016-9846-2. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Free Will Skepticism and the Question of Creativity: Creativity, Desert, and Self-Creation." Ergo 3 (23): 591-607. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2017). "Moral Responsibility and the Strike Back Emotion," Syndicate Philosophy 1 (1): February.

Gregg D. Caruso (2016). "Free Will Skepticism and Criminal Behavior: A Public Health-Quarantine Model,Southwest Philosophy Review 32 (1). [Presidential Address to the Southwestern Philosophical Society, 2016] 

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Free Will Eliminativism: Reference, Error, and Phenomenology," Philosophical Studies 172 (10): 2823-2833.

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "If consciousness is necessary for moral responsibility, then people are less responsible than we think," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (7-8): 49-60. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Precis of Neil Levy's Consciousness and Moral Responsibility," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (7-8): 7-15. 
Gregg D. Caruso (2015). "Kane is Not Able: A Reply to Vicens' 'Self-Forming Actions and Conflicts of Intention'," Southwest Philosophy Review 31 (2).

Gregg D. Caruso (2014). "Precis of Derk Pereboom's Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life," Science, Religion and Culture 1 (3): 178-201. [Part of a book symposium w/Derk Pereboom, John M. Fischer, and Dana Nelkin] 

Gregg D. Caruso (2014). "(Un)just Deserts: The Dark Side of Moral Responsibility," Southwest Philosophy Review 30 (1): 27-38. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2013). “Introduction: Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility,” in Exploring the Illusion of Free Will and Moral Responsibility, ed. Gregg D. Caruso, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books: 1-16.

Gregg D. Caruso (2012). “The Folk Psychology of Free Will: An Argument against Compatibilism,” Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 26: 56-89. 

Gregg D. Caruso (2011). “Compatibilism and the Folk Psychology of Free Will,” in An Anthology of Philosophical Studies, Vol. V, ed. Patricia Hanna, Athens, Greece: ATINER: 215-226.

Gregg D. Caruso (2008). “Consciousness and Free Will: A Critique of the Argument from Introspection,” Southwest Philosophy Review 24, 1 (January): 219-231.  

Gregg D. Caruso (2007). “Realism, Naturalism, and Pragmatism: A Closer Look at the Views of Quine and Devitt,” Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 21: 64-83.

Gregg D. Caruso (2005). “Sensory States, Consciousness, and the Cartesian Assumption,” in Descartes and Cartesianism, eds. Nathan Smith and Jason Taylor, Cambridge Scholars Press: 177-199.


"A Review of Bruce Waller's Restorative Free Will," Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2016). 

A Review of David Cockburn’s An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind,” Metapsychology 6, 26 (2002).

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"Preface" and "Introduction" in Science and Religion: 5 Questions, ed. Gregg D. Caruso, New York: Automatic Press/VIP (2014). 

Co-author (with David M. Rosenthal), “Bibliography 1971-2000,” in Materialism and the Mind-Body Problem, revised edition, ed. David M. Rosenthal, Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2000.

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